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Cimes Herald FIVE CENTS

THURSDAY. MAY 61, 1956

The Weather

Today—Continued warm with the highest temperature in the upper 80s. Thundershowers likely during the aft- ernoon and night. Wednesday's tem- peratures: High, 86 at 3:15 p. m.; low, 55 at 4:45 a. m. (For details see P. 16.)

WTOP Radio (1500) TV (Ch. 9)

Passage of Roads Bill By Senate Called Spur To Belt Highway Here

Added Federal Funds Expected to Speed Up Program By 2 or 3 Years

By Jack Eisen

Stafl Reporter A major speedup in con- struction of the long-awai- ed superhighway circling Washington was foreseen yesterday by Chief Engi-


1956 ashineton Post Company

RE. 7-1234 me w



ee + ~— -

Stockholder | Vote Sought On Bell Plan To Run CTC

Banker, City Heads | Confer Two Hours

On Proposal to Buy Out Wolfson

By Richard L. Lyons Stafl Reporter Capital Transit’s board of directors at its meeting to- day is expected to be asked to call a special stockholders’ meeting to approve banker Daniel W. Bell’s plan to buy out Louis E. Woilfson’s con-

| |

Boatman Lost Here

In Squall

q Craft Swamped As | §5-Mile Gusts, Hard Showers Sweep Wide Area


| | | |

Reds in Disguise? Italian V ote Forces Socialist Showdown

By Leo J. Wollemborg (American newspaperman now writing from Rome) ROME, May 30—In the most tian Democrats and conserva- interesting and encouraging post- tive Liberals of the right-wing war Italian election, severe blows pro-Western center coalition were dealt both Communist left Government. But the coalition

|. A 54-year-old boat rider’, was reported drowned yes- ‘terday when a wind-driven downpour turned the Poto- mac River into a churning, treacherous mass and dumped nearly an inch of | water on the area. | | Police listed Daniel Dory, 315 iG st. ne., as missing and pre- jsumed drowned after the 15-

‘foot outbooard motorboat in iwhich he was riding was

trol of CTC.

The Bell group hopes this) would be at least a big step toward meeting congressional

swamped in deep water off Na- itional Airport.

Dory, a Sanitation Depart- |ment employe, was one of four | pereens on the craft when it turned over.

‘and Monarcho-Fascist right received a most important and

This i: the over-all political least ex ected boost in the sur- signific w.ce of the popular con- crising comeback staged by the suctation technically concern- left-of-center Social Democrats. ing only * renewal of municipal |They hac steadily lost ground

neer Norman M. Pritchett of the Maryland State Roads Commission following Sen- ate passage of a giant Fed-

requests for a “firm proposal” on Bell's plan that Capital Transit Co. itself settle the transit problem by buying out Wolfson and reorganizing 4in- der local ownership.

A stockholders’ meeting would require about 30 days!

notice. Apparently the hope is that the call would show the parties are serious and that by meeting time the stockholders would have a specific plan to) vote on.

Dozens of other craft, rang- jing from canoes to sizable imotordriven cruisers, found’ themselves in trouble as a result of the sudden squall.

The heavy rainfall was whipped by erratic crosswinds which reached occasional gust strength of 55 miles an hour at the National Airport. It was ac- companied by a spectacular electrical display.

Power in some areas was cul off by the storm, which also sent hundreds of persons scur-

provincial administration throughout the coi ntry.

For the first tine since World War II, the Communist

‘Party lost ground estimated to,

average 5 per cent in the na-| tion-wide election. The extreme right, as expected, lost heavily, | especially in the traditivnal scuthern strongholds. Alto. gether they appeared headed down Sunset Boulevard and for a confined future role mostly local an marginal.

Rightists losses, as expected.

eral-aid highway bill.

Pritchett said it may be pos- sible to get some work under way later this year on the Inter- County Belt Highway if the measure becomes law.

Under present plans major work on the circumferential highway is not. scheduled un- til 1958 or 1959, Pritchett said. Added funds provided under the Federal measure would move it up two to three years on the priority list

District officials, too, saw in the construction bill an accel-

ir. all local and general elec- tions since 1948, their percent-| age drooping gradually from more thin 7 to 4.5 per cent of the total vote.

This time, instead, they bounced back to about 7 per cent for a net increase of more than a half-million votes over 1953.

Since the Liberals made pro- portionate gains and the Chris- tian Democrats ge erally held their 1953 positions, the center coalition now has secured, albeit

benefited the dominant ClLris-. See ITALY, Page 11, Col. 3

irying from swimming pools that j|had opened for their first day

f th : | I" he Convent began With Ike’s Approval

| The torrential shower

jabout 4:15 p.m. and lasted Russia’s Air Show Bid ‘To Twining Is Accepted

Bell and others working with him discussed this and other aspects of the transit situation at a two-hour “exploratory” meeting with the District Com. missioners at the District Building yesterday morning.

Franchise Discussed

Commissioner Robert E. Mc- Laughlin called the closéd ses- sion “a very frank discussion of all the problems involved.” He indicated most of the talk was on terms of a franchise that might be gives back to a Wolfsonless Capital Transit Co.’

Me! lin said the Commis- sioners will meet this afternoon. with the Public Utilities Com- mission to decide just what they) are prepared to recommend to

eration in work on several ma- jor projects. | J. N. Robertson, District high- way director, said final Con- igressional approval of the bill iprobably would see some con |struction under way within the next two years on:

® The Anacostia Freeway, E. Capitol st. Point

Rv Vie Casamento. Staff ee —_—_—_—-—_ > dressed as a clown, also had some cold

water thrown on his act when he tried to get a laugh out of Charlies MacMeckin

Rockville’s Memorial Day parade ran inte a dampening factor yesterday as rain fell while the march was in progress. One of the paraders, Eugene Helbert, whe was

| |


linking with the Jones

bridge bridge. ® The Southwest Freeway, a part of the inner loop “dream highway” encircling central Washington. * The Constitution ave,


By Douglas B. Cornell Related story on Page 19 +

MIAMI, Fla., May 30 #—Lag- up the other 10 by taking five

about an hour. Before its full’ Jr. (See and additional on P.3.) (force broke, Harbor Precinct seany qs nomtran police boats went ye a. down zx the river to warn boatmen to. » Florida Vote Light, Tight World Aid owes’ te Walter E. Matthews, 46, of 1439 - 9 M i A U liters st. ne, a mechanic. \(fmers aboard were Jerome tevenson s argent geney . rec {artin, 14, of 623 3% st. ne..| By John M. Hightower B . end James Shuler, 15, of 333 F| omeemtateileoens nV U. N, Chief iat. ne. | By personal decision of Presi-;at the Embassy at 11 a. m., an | P, _ Matthews said the boat was ; gat Lp > ) ver e auver rows | ‘rounding the point of the air- dent Eisenhower, the Nation's Air Force spokesman reported. United Nations Secretary Gen-| hit. “I couldn't see a thing,” he extraordinary journey to Rus- Soviet air attache. He said to . eral Dag Hammarskjold urged | declared. “It was like being in sia‘to attend the Soviets’ Avia- Cok, Bachinsky substantially” fi ih Congress in the way of fran- gard returns froin the Florida/of the eight Congressional Dis- ‘the middie of the ocean.” , ) .|bridge across the \ Potomac chise concessions. Then the Democratic presidential pri-itricts and their two convention ‘o™sht that economic and tech-| “After the boat was hit by two" wey celgnration June 36. ans, Sccereing 80 SSUOCINET: i piece, city heads will meet again with mary today strengthened Adlai votes apicce. nical assistance to underde-| successive waves, it overturned. Gen. Nathan F. Twining, Air “Gen. Twining accepts your in-| 4}) of these projects at& part the Bell group, to see if they E. Stevenson’s margin of vic- That left Kefauver with wins veloped countries be channefed| Matthews said he gave his life Force Chief of Staff, accepted vitation. Here is an official an-' of the interstate road network. . can get together, he said. tory over Sen. Estes Kefauver.in three Congressional Dis- through the United Nations Pteserver to Dory when his the Soviet invitation yesterday. nouncement which we are re-- The House already had ap The underwriting firm of Each new batch served to tricts, six convention votes, and th the - bitelere own floated away, but that he Several other Air Force officers| leasing to the press.” \proved its version of the bill Alex Brown & Sons, which emphasize that neither the for- what he termed “a moral vie-|#¢r s ¢ apparently went under any- a leant Twining on this! \when the Senate took its action w tions are right, “feels terms of Tennessee Senator was a stand- of the results. | Hammarskjold, in effect, nsored by Rep. the franchise would be the aries fevers | a ry state | PR ee ah Pee. P emda warned the United States - = from —_— py on which they will catch at least newsmen by the Defense De- age = Sep - _ f eeaggs and termining factor” as to whether tha resident Eisenhower'the pledge a avora Russia against using econo ortenson, listed a b. | artment. It said: e e one by Sen. Albert it could go ahead, McLaughlin carried four years ago—and committed national conven- aid as a weapon in the cold, Westmoreland rd., Falls Church, err am = art of RueiP Aon ; he Air F Gore (D-Tenn.). said. might again. ‘tion votes to 174 for Steven-| war. who had beached his craft near 8/48 military might. ID ecretary of the Air Force’ Under the Fallon plan the | With Sen. William F. Know-son and 133 for Kefauver. | ne y. N. chief. who spoke ‘%¢ airport. | In directing Twining to ac- a A. Quarles today made pistrict would get about $161 land of California in the Re-| Stevenson also apparently .. siocin University, where he| “4 Harbor Precinct boat man- cept, Mr. Eisenhower apparent-| e following announcement: (million for the interstate sys- ‘publican primary in name only,|picked up 3% votes in Ala- ned by Pvts. H. H. Riet and jy overruled a military recom- “With the authorization of tem over a I3-year period; ‘Mr. Eisenhower took the GOP! bama’s Democratic runoff pri- A. R. Walzel, responding to a ae the President, Gen. Nathan E. Maryland would get $464 mil- popularity contest and 26 na-|mary Tuesday. that the United Twining has accepted an invita-\lion, and Virginia $608 mil-

McLa‘ighlin said the Com- missioners “categorically hope that the Bell plan is the golu- tion to keeping the mass trans- portation system in private hands.”

“Firm Proposal” Sought

Congress canceled franchise du last summer's nomination. transit strike tive this Aug.| As the count on yesterday 14. The problem is to find an balloting neared completion, chosen in the

make for the shore. | MONTREAL, May 30 (INS)! port when the fury of the storm ‘OP air general will make an He saw Col. Philip Bachinsky,|~ would finance the deal if condi- mer INinois Governor nor the tory” because of the closeness) basis. ay. | | o At the same time the Press early yesterday. The House The three survivors were rare high-level visit, during release was being distributed to’ measure was s received an honorary degree,| said that competition between web : mendation | Eleven dele-| tates regarding aid in the long| Cal to retrieve an overturned - 1s teehee whiléltion f ey t tional convention votes with. gates were chosen, each with) eon would be disadvantageous dinghy, took the rescued boat- States shou 0 0 while tion from tf oviet government ion out lifting a hand. He already nit ee Scat of those to donating countries ‘men ashore and began dragging trying to get the invitation te ary Ds Soviet air show = we 2h py Bete Oe : ren-| elec ave indicated a pret-' ; s. . istrict w ge million: CTC's n oe , bg —- tie re | erence for Stevenson He is| Hammarskjold said that sag a overturned dinghy broadened to include other «The Secretary of State andi Maryland, $295 million, and favored by 20 delegates, rep-| while bilateral aid gave the a! owned by George Washington members of the Joint hiefs of the Secretary of Defense have Virginia $501 million. ‘s resenting 10 votes, out of 41) sisting country the advantage ‘University. were John Davies, Staff and a look at other Soviet approved. Virginia’s chief highway en- May 1 primary. to fly its flag,” it was @ disad-\19% of 4040 Fessenden st. nw.|forces in addition to the Rus-- “Gen. Twining will be ac-gineer, F. A. Davis, said his and Mike Gall, 19, of 503 Madi- <ian Air Force. companied by several Air Force state has not yet worked up

: , : hen the assistance ) . voted to the Democratic scorecard read|_ Before Florida's clash, the vantage w ~ operator. The House vo so of Bw. Both awa tahore officers. a program under the Federal ‘| A message from Ambassador |

. ! tion with) Ww » ¢ hise this way in returns from 1741|!mewp of delegate votes as “leads to a competi | : Te senecieiena Aiba taken on 1778 precinets. jtabulated by the Associated other countries that only too) Half a dozen canoes were re- Officials said that acceptance| Measure but is waiting for

interim pub- Press on the basis of primary) easily takes on strong political! ported overturned above the Charles E. Bohlen in Moscow, of the bid by Twining does not, word of the specific allocation. i nerbere, mM ebteeisla 400,928 or 51 per See POLITICS, Page 2, Col. 4 overtures. ‘Key Bridge. Before the » Posen dispatched here over last week-| mean that the military high’ Virginia is under pressure conferees hope Bell's plan may) Kefauver, 208,641 or 49 per : Hammarskjold stressed that) police said, the river was “very 94, helped to bring the discus- command or the President has from the Federal Government be the solution, They have cent es index bilateral aid “puts a strain on| crowded.” sion over the Soviet invitation lost interest in getting an invi- and residents of areas adjacent asked for a “firm proposal” and| Republican standings in 1427 A Teachers Day; the relationship between the! Lightning struck the roof of to a head. The Bohlen message tation for representatives of allto the District to complete + Story, Pictures, P. 24

reement with the Commis- Hep vas giving and receiying countries.”|a house at 905 N. Greenbriar Made clear that the United the Joint Chiefs to take a look|roads tying into the proposed

ienede on franchise terms. yet me tong or 95 per He added: y ist., Arlington, and a building States was confronted with a at Russia's military bases on a Central Intelligence Agency

The Bell group wants a fran- cent ce, | Doan, “We should not forget that it/@t 1108 Monroe st. nw. Dam-/firm invitation to send an Air) broad swing around the Soviet) “Little Pentagon” near Langley,

chise “substantially along the| Knowland, 1899 or 5 per cent.| Amusements a | Kilgailen ‘may be n.ore difficult to live on | 28¢ at both places was minor. | Force delegation to Moscow and | Union. : and to complete its part of the

lines of the House “bill,” Me-| Absentee votes are still to| City Life 15 | Lippmann ‘the dole than to pay it. Few/5¥>stantial lightning damage left little ground for belief that) Secretary of State John belt super highway around

Laughlin said. But Bell report- be tabulated this week | Classitied 36-41 | Movie Guide f.iendships survive a long|W4s done e home owned’ by the Russians would broaden Foster Dulles, before he left on| Washington. drawn-out economic depend-| Vincent T. Ma

| o- the bid. vacation last Friday, left orders| Maryland's portion of the edly would not insist on all) The late tally cemented! Comics .. 52-55 | Obituaries anas at 4513 P tel 4 | 4 lee ncessions. The Com-|Stevenson’s grip wd 99 of the| Crossword .. 52 | Parsons ency of one upon the other.” page’ ave. nw. The attic was' The President's decision and to advise all Allied and neutral) belt, 33 miles in length, will ex-

wag " istrict Line’ 54 | Pearson ' ' | the acceptance of the invitation governments that an acceptance tend from the proposed Jones aay te Sa h. ~ sere Meo at oe Democratic’ eg 13 eee Page 4 ogy get pointed red Two visitors from New York) were announced at the Defense of the Soviet bid by the) Point Bridge to Cabin John, ts ge oo ry Poort ational onvention, s Editorials 12 | Shopper's Po. 28 that «e Fem cee = © narrowly escaped béing hit by| Department simultaneously United States would not mean where another span is projected day a = 4 yr og "|. ptevenson pa in 12 Of; Events Today 16 | Sokolsky }3 |other hand & ae py areia slab of concrete weighing with the delivery of the accept- any change in the basic attitude across the Potomac. A short sions & reezing com- them by best ng Kefauver iM 8) Federal Diary 15 | responsibility for the aid pro-' severaj hundred pounds which ance at the Soviet Embassy. of armed but hopeful vigilance section of the belt route, link- pany’s rate base. state-wide “popularity” contest) Goron $4 grams. He added that bilateral /piummeted seven stories from| Col. John A. Lackey, chief of which the United States has ing Connecticut ave. extended vo pod snagh -cnngin Bagh arad ee i ty a “serkehen te(t cornice of the Bond Build- Foreign Liaison branch in Gen. maintained toward Russia's with The Rockville Pike. was : . roscope : ; M , W > . : ° : a . ‘the Sunshine State. He picked’ Keeping Wel! 52 compete.” jing, 1404 New York ave. nw. | Twining’s headquarters, called good will gestures. put under contract this week.


5] Women’s. 43-50

Antonio Calabrise, ‘21, and/ John C. DeAngelis, 21, were! treated at Emerge Hospital for leg bruises pee | by flying chunks of concrete. Police said the slab tore a three-foot hole in the sidewalk.

Olice said more than a dozen trees in the District were knocked down during the

By 4 to 3 Vote

Blast Ignites Truck’s Fuel

Bomb Kills 2 Soldiers, Wounds 24 In Britain’s Worst Day on Cyprus =

Reuters ling of a Greek-Cypriot at Pa-'der, violence and intimidation | NICOSIA, Cyprus, May 30 phos when he tried to break/of the terrorist organization,

Montgomery Council Approves Silver Spring Hospital Bond Issue

ctor Tells Pope (Related story 6n Page 15.) | Under the county charter,, As enacted, the bill calle

. l #2 , such a referendum is required for the $3 million raised by To 9 d A d | y Harrison Hagemeyer jsuc r ndum is require The bloodiest single terrorist'..+ of another search cordon, -O*“4 which seeks union with) n u ences |

Stall Reporter if 5 per cent of the registered ‘%¢ bond issue to be donated | ) | ) ‘tleward the cost of construc- attack in Cyprus during 14), et th 1 of killed Greece for the island. VATICAN CIT | lmonths of violence today killed|/>rought the total o > in) ‘He was denying allegations',.._, te ITY. May 5 Ls the last 10 days to 16. , dk te Eighty-year-old Pope Pius XII,'/pital moved a big step | fatigu

Plans for a Silver Spring hos- Puma Boyan wow id Sain a | . $4 wien. 225-bed | about names—petition for hospital by the ver Spring two British soldiers and wound- ; by Greece's | enere it | ‘Hospital Association, a ed 24 seers, 2 Seaghe gt Beg Ne pg eg eA pee Christos Palamas, that respon-| 4 heat. y | pelenind wait eality yesterday. ‘Julian A. Bartolini, chairman. “ne eoinataiien. “4 ape! load of men returning from a. terrorism began to 37, of wheesieniiw fur the. coummenal tree audiences until further notice| AE ey oun Ziof the 13th, District Referen-) The vote on the measure wae / magust were servicemen. ; at request of his doctor. wepoerne’ Seae.Fe ages In Nicosia, soldiers stood ment. Medical examination showed

nner sparen by , - 3 | dum Association called an taken without discussion. Vot- : vote a which would enadie' emergency meeting to protesting agaist it were J. : a- po gg Rscrmer gi birthday p ward with machine guns as|_ Fadil Kutchuk, leader of the the Pope was in a state of gen- 4 Cyprus Is Turkish Party, was fatigue. Prof. Riccardo'

weekend want ads in the big Saturday & Sunday


the county to float a $3-million'the council action. Bartolini\ Walker, Stella B. Werner and ‘eral .

bond issue to finance construc- issued a statement calling the Grover K. Walker tion of the hospital on a 10-\action “shocking and disap-| At a three-hour session

down a road

Classified Sections of The

Washington Post

and Times Herald:


received by Foreign Minister

Galeazzi-Lisi gave the Pope an’

acre tract at Forest Glen rd.

Tuesday, the Council defeated

electrocardiogram test tonight ont Doisrda of

Opponents of the bill have not conceded defeat, however. They said they are ready to begin collection of signatures on petitions calling for a coun- ty-wide referendum on the pro- posal in the November elec- tion.


- : : :



Faud Koprulu today in Ankara, and found the heart to

It is understood that Kut Galeazzi-Lisi said slight dis- s| turbances in the Pope’s circula- tory system were o-. ‘to the

pointing.” He said the council has forced “almost total finan- cial responsibility upon only one section of the county for a hospital which will serve the whole county.” A. frequently voiced com- nt has been that public nds would be used for a

‘private hospital.

‘Werner which proposed

an amendment—in effect substitute bill—by Walker to set up a new hospital commis- sion to survey hospital needs | an

jand an amendment by adv referendum to deter-

mine feeling of voters be- ‘fore issuing any ey

Pa > i


THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD 2 Thiirsday, May 31, 1936


Qe, @naweeee—

Florida Victory Spurs


Adlai’s California Drive

By Edward T. Folliard

Ataf Reporter |

SANTA ROSA, Calif., May 30—Heartened by his victory in Florida yesterday, Adlai Stevenson campaigned in this vineyard and wine-producing area of California today in his final drive for the Democratic nomination for President.

Adlai is fighting hard to be his party’s standard bearer in| 1956 as he was in 1952, but he would not be a broken man if it did not turn out that way.

Something happened last night that indicated he would be about a turndown from the party.

as if another “upset” mightihis prospects to be bright—he be in the making. will have knocked Kefauver out Adlai showed no sign of dis-|\of the race and will have taken appointment as he sat throughian enormous stride toward a dinner with the Retail Clerks. | getting the nomination for him- After the dinner, he went to the |self. béHroom and danced a gay fox! Since this was Memorial Day, trot with Mrs. Elaine Swain, a|Adlai’s oratory took on a patri- Vallejo high school teacher. His otic tone and almost devoid of mind seemingly was a million politics. miles away from politics and! He did draw a moral from the Florida, Florida primary in a talk to It wasn’t until he was about 2000 men at the Yountville to go on the stage to speak to|Veterans Home, north of the Retail Clerks that he re-| Vallejo. His audience was made ceived word that he had pulled up of an old Indian fighter, 188 ahead of Kefauver in Florida.'|Spanish-American war _ veter- When he was introduced as'ans, 1435 World War I veterans,

completely philosophical “a great statesman,” he laughed'|256 World War I veterans, and |

and recalled the saying that “a'7 Korean War veterans. statesman is a dead politician.”| Alluding to the barrage of Later, back at the hotel, he charges aimed at him by Ke-

Oe av. ht 7.

~ . es Pies eth sr 4 OY eer i :

pe Bias nla

Am Pail A ne poi 7 ; aes ag 8S

. ro y a a .7 ie

Sen. Earle C. Clements (left) and Thrusten B. Morten, former Assistant Secretary of State in the Eisenhower Ad- ministration, exchange congratulations in Louisville after each won his party's nomination for United States Senate

mA, ¥ re | Sw Re ae ae 30, 3) - a

Doubt Noted on Any Likelihood Of Revising Political Spending Laws -

Time is running out on Con-| any- individual. The Republican Overwhelming support given

gressional efforts to improve the original version, need has the antiquated laws on cam-| minority objected to provisions been found for changing and

paign spending and -political/covering political committees cjarifying some of its provi- contributions. \that operate in one state only|sions. The latest draft cirew Three ‘months have passed|2nd the extension of contribu-\lated by Johnson's aides has since a gas bill lobbyist’s $2500 tion and spending limits to pri nine major changes from the offer to Cen. Francis Case (R- ™4Ty sang ne er coe original. S. D.) turned the glare of na-, Conventions. ey aso com: Bde publicity = + fg way Plained the bill did nothing Effect of Changes money is used in American pol-|2>out the “widespread abuse", These changes eliminate ‘the itics. There has been no wn vine Ur wads pactnge wollt tax deduction feature of the fo modernize what one legis- wee edie mit OFiginal bill; boost the fine ¢ and. the Democratic Policy Commit- : ine for lator . calls the horse-end election law infraction bill from $1000 to $5000; set an ab-

buggy election procedures we te¢, according to Johnson one should be considered further solute, $10,000-a-year limit on

have in a jet age.” “thought the (Hennings) Interested Congressmen have 9 before being sent to the floor.” i , Johnson told Hennings iast individual campaign contribu-

not given up hope, but some Siedity onoiiten ake 06 aate June and again in February he tions; exempt intra-state polit- in time to affect this year’s elec. Would support a move to bring ical committees that spend less tion. Many of the primaries, | Hennings .~? ee _ eo tor /tean $500 a year from Federal they point out, are already his-\#me the a nator jurisdiction; and suspend for tory; money-raising for the fai) | Wished, though he did not think ; campaign has begun in earnest, |! could pass in its present form. Sos Y0Sr a ee Gee nsanes C. Bonnings Je. date. Hennings has not Strictive than the proposed fed- (D-Mo), whose “clean elec-/48ked for ‘that showdown vote. oy ~ - ia tions” bill has been on the Sen- Other Bill in Rules Unit that Jehaetn, Hennings and ate’s calender of pending legis- Meantime, the Johnson. Knowland are trying to get to-

Associated Press

He was at Vallejo and was in Kentucky’s primary elections on Tuesday. ation ined cane Sh en Knowland bill, written in the gether on a compromise bill,

Congressional Quarterly, “I am’ : 4 heat of the Case incident con- /f agreement is reached, Hen- still confident-it will be brought roversy, has been. waiting in nings’ bill will be called up for

it up soon. - Rep. Stewart L. Udall (p-\the Senate Rules Committee. debate, with the sponsor and

" . the two party leaders endorsing i The bill eliminated some con | orn tg a Pong: say last year (troversial features of the Hen- a mutually satisfactory set of

By Morrie Landsberg

LOS ANGELES, May 39 (~) Sen. Estes Kefauver, terming his Florida loss to Adlai Stev- enson a “tremendous” moral victory for himself, pledged an all-out campaign today to pull a comeback in /California’s Democratic presidential prima- ry next Tuseday.

“I know we can win in Cali- fornia,” he said.

His statement brought cheers from several hundred sup- porters who waited more than four hours at a $25-a-plate din- ner for his delayed arrival from Florida late last night.

The Tennessee Senator ex- pressed confidence that a vic- tory in California over Stev- enson would give him enough of a push to swing the presi- dential nomination when Democratic delegates gather in Chicago next August.

Kefauver said he would work hard for California’s 68 votes at the party’s national con- vention; that he would speak out “clearly, plainly and un- equivocally” on the issues. His final state-wide tour takes him to San Diego today.

Flight West Delayed

Delayed by engine trouble on his airline flight here, he said the closeness of the Florida outcome, “in riew of the polit- ical lineup against me,” w “one of the greatest victories I've had in my life.”

The vote, he said, destroyed | what he called the myth that ae Sone will not Si@ port one School Official Nam of its own people to head the MARTFORD. C Mi 30 Democratic ticket. It showed, | AR’ , Conn., May too, he added. that “I can be (INS)—William J. Sanders Ads Turn Back Clock a unifying influence” in the Superintendent of Springfield|| SAN ANGELO, Tex., May 30 party, with its North-South split|'Mass., Schools, has been (‘®—An outdoor advertising on civil rights, if he is picked named Commissioner of Educa- firm couldn't get any customers | for the presidential nomination for Connecticut, to succeed for its three new billboards so tion. \\ Finis E. Engleman, who will be- it put up some old advertise-

Kefauver said Stevenson come executive sécretary of the ments it had left over. The spoke plainly on the schoo] in-'American Association for'three .signs tell citizens to tegration issue in Flordia, but School Administrators in Wash-'“Smash the Axis—Pay Your that he let his supporters pic-\ington next September. ‘Taxes.”

fauver caught the public fancy, ==" enough to be a standout. oe

ToonY |B 9 A.M. f ee ne!


. . ~ . “*

.* . ~ - ~~

se _.*. reed ad “* : : *. a*% eee - ~~ eae as * " ~.*. g*e’ se! bs : P. -

CK ot


about to leave his hotel for a got more complete returns that fauver, Stevenson told the war meeting and dance of the Re- showed he had won 22 dele-| veterans: tail Clerks Union, Local 373, gates and Estes 6 in the Sun-| “I tried to avoid personalities’ POLITICS—From P. I when the first returns came in shine State. He said it was “a’and abuses in that primary. I from the Florida primary. grand victory.” tried to talk sense to the people. | a ° They showed that Sen. Estes If he gets California's 68 con-'And I think the result shows Ad L Ss ar Lil rows Kefauver (Tenn.) was ahead of vention votes in next Tuesday’s|that’s the kind of campaign amendments him by 3000 votes. It looked primary—and the polls show that people want.” says “action will have to be "ings a mtn A the ge PRA ER SS be? > . . ‘the convention, with 686%, Clements 204,994; Bates 125,-\taken in the next two or three mi hn .~ vided es vay evi. is is. ehehe oF mr ot lind. ms Re te ee needed for a nomination. 184: James L. Delk 3404. weeks—four at the outside” by Veubons. e new provi | - - ; sions for a tax deduction’ on clear the way for Senate pas- The 180% for “others” are) the Senate if there is to be any . . . . | Morton 37,748; former State) political contributions and a sage. The feeling is the Senate results and polls of other dele- ~ thope of subsequent House = Ss etauver in anrornia aims ates stood this way: Sen. Julian H. Golden 10,872:| action. 'modification of the “equal time” wants to pass a clean elections . 148% Granville Thomas 4252. | fadio-TV rule. It quickly at- bill this year, if it can do so - a Stevenson, 140%. Six of Kentucky's eight) Differ Over Approach ‘tracted 85 of the 96 Senators as'without too much partisan 6 Vy Py ° Kefauver, 127. United States Representatives! Disagreement over two ap- CO-Sponsors. wrangling. . or ictor y in or | a ote Others, 180%. who had primary opposition! proaches to election-law reform) A Rules Committee spokes) On the House side, Udall Uncommitted, 342. led in their races for renomina- | has stymied Senate action so man says the Johnson-Know- says, “we'd have to work fram ih Total, 798 tion. They were Democrats|far. One measure is. sponsored land bill “has not been shelved, the top down,” in urging Speak- ture the former Illinois Gov-;sparse in the 10,400-capacity Noble J. Gregory, William H.|by Hennings; the other by Sen- but it poses a problem when er Sam Rayburn (D-Tex.) and ernor as “a man of modera- Olympic Auditorium, were still] There will be 1372 votes in| Natcher, Brent Spence, John C_| ate Majority Leader Lyndon B.|you have a bill with 85 spon-| Majority Leader John W. Me- tion.” And this, he said, un-|there when he arrived, spread among 10 men, The lead-| watts and Carl D. Perkins, and/ Johnson (Texas) and Minority|sors. Is there any point in Cormack (D-Mass.) “to get the doubtedly had an effect on the; He reiterated he accepted the|ing three are Sen. Lyndon Republican Gene Siler. Gregory|Leader William F. Knowland holding hearings?” The spokes-|House Administration Commit- vote. Supreme Court decision against | Johnson of Texas, with 56%; was Chandler-backed. Natcher, | (Calif.). man said the Committee is tee to report the Senate bill, He cracked back at Steven-|segregation in public schools as | Gov. Frank Lausche of Ohi0,| watts and Perkins are Clements| The Hennings bill, product “seeking guidance from the The committee’s not much in- son for his stdtement here yes- the law of the land, that he feit 54, and Sen. Stuart Symington ajjies. of eight days of public hearings|leadership” on what it wants|terested one way or the other terday deploring the way the|it was the duty of the Presi-|of Missouri, 46. | Reps. John M. Robsion Jr.,| last year, won 54 approval from/done. in this subject.” primary campaign had “dete- dent to enforce the ruling. President Eisenhower's pick- Republican, and Frank Chelf,|the Senate Rules Committee. It} The leadership Johnson’s| Whether any change in the rorated” in Florida and voicing! Kefauver said he hoped noth-\up of 26 additional delegates in Democrat, had no primary op-|would require fuller disclosure aides on the Democratic Policy|election law at this date could hope “the same thing will not ing would prevent the passage'the Florida primary runs his position but will have oppojof campaign expenditures and|Committee—have been busy re:| affect the 1956 contest is in dis- happen” in California. of the Federal aid-to-education|total delegates to 790 out of|nents in November. limit the amount of money a'vising the bill the Rules Com-' pute. Kefauver told an airport bill, and he would hate to see'923 chosen. A majority in the) ew ag gn - had aye oem | withheld from school/|GOP national convention will nothing but the facts in ¢ | district in a State because|be 662. Florida contest and he expected |school district B was not com-| The voting was light apd) * to do the same in California./plying with the integration|tight—lighter and tighter than) =: He said he regretted that “Mr. order. had been expected. Results in) %: at them | that Lohner Sebveneeh, nor few! i . Denies Equivocation 'Hooded Youths The Tennessee Senator said M4 : he had been accused of saying Raid D ormitory on top, he fell short of getting) 22< part of the country and of tak-|,, PROVO, Utah, May 30 un)ed) ‘Tit, Reehee toe ee carey © ing a different stand in other = ge raided sricham| over into the final primary in| “4 parts. vou Unie «4 x oe aay (california next Tuesday. Elaborating on this theme, he | * °U"8 gry y ear #. “a; Yet a victory of any propor- said later at the Democratic song wi : 4 edhe Y tions still is a victory, and Stev- dinner that “I told the people|S*, ngerie an es. /enson got one. in Florida exactly what I told; Wesley Lloyd, dean of stu-| At least with the voters who! the people in California.” He dents at the school, which is turned out, Stevenson demon- said he “didn’t equivocate, did operated by the Latter-Day strated a diversified sort of ap not evade or pull any punches.” Saints (Mormon) Church, said'peal that might be a talking | Kefauver discussed his views an investigation is under way.| point with Democrats who want on school integration arid other He said it had not been deter-'to’ settle on a presidential minority questions wy ©. oe po ine age oe who could unite the brief stop at a candidates’ night |stuce © sc . Pp ; meeting sponsored by the Na-| Girls’ screams aroused the! He took antisegregation areas tional Association for the Ad-\campus about 2 a. m. The raid-|in the north and Negro d vancement of Colored People.'ers entered Dormitory 17 in|f{n Greater Miami. He c Only 150 persons, looking the Heritage Halls group. A/| Miami Beach, which has a large De: woman student said she saw Jewish population. He took ‘about 30 men leave the dormi- Miami and Jacksonville ; ‘tory a short while later. and Pensacola, where organized ed | labor is concentrated. He won


in the State’s GOP strongheld! - —the First Congressional Dis-| °* ‘trict which has sent a Republi-| >: can to the House the last two) -. terms. ;

By taking St. Petersburg and Pinellas County, Stevenson

. ,


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showed he wasn't exactly polit- ical poison for elderly pedple| : who reside there in large num-; : bers. Kefauver had attempted) : to make old age pensions a major campaign issue. ‘s ; In Kentucky Primary i 0 LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 20 (®)| = : Sen. Earle C. Clements has won| oe a thumping renomination vic- os O tory over the candidate backed) = by Gov. A. B. (Happy) Chand-| = ie ler's forces in the Kentucky! > _—" RII IE Sr 2 Democratic senatorial primary. | HEE RR SR Spaeth cee Clements, the Senate Major-) | ain Secs itis ity Whip, rolled up a surpris-| « ingly easy triumph over Chand-| = ler-backed Joe B. Bates, a for- mer U. &. Representative, in Tuesday's senatorial primary. Clements will tangle in the Nov. 6 election with Republi- can Thruston B. Morton, who captured his party’s nomination handily. Returns from 3625 of Ken-

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