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Tesla, Nikole

The New Tesla Mectrie Heater Reps, neds


23p. (Dossibiy in Tesla}, With typed copy and carboa,

8 hand)

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3. Due 0 these features the current consumption is hardly t fale Nc than hal, of that in the best heat:




This device is Greatly superior to the usual flat core type in efficiency an x Polished metal tube acting as reflector and a base equipped With switch ang connecting terminals and carrying spaced, * FesiStor wirhs yoncentrio with the tube and at a@ certain Cn g distance fro: the inner surface of the seme, In thig arrangement. F the diffuse tadiation is virtually eliminated, and the heater operates as if the res Projected frdm the ne: Tegion occupied by the boiling


The pr neipal, advantages. thug secured are the following: 1. A Yery high efficiency, 2, T efficienc

om y is Practically the same whether the pot is large or \ 221 since thi

density of the rays is inversely as the Stee ter yl the vessel, %

a8 mich as 96% being attainable,

ers of the type referred ©

4. TH. resistor has a relatively much longer life and has be made to “& ¢ almost indefinitely in some cases, Also less wire can bea ed if desired ae,

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5, Th heat being largely confinea to the range, the =~

kitchen ace comparatively cool, .

6, Andther practical advantage is Greater safety from 4

a, variety of)eccidents frequently, Occuring with ordinary ranges,

7, The new heater ig especially adeptea for use on

shipboard, Pullman cers, aerial’ vehicles and automdbiles ,

6 Likewise, it is suitable for all kinds of service ey being free from the objections of the present we ) .

9, It saves considerable time in certain applications

10, Owing to simplicity, the cost of manufactoring

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%. the new heator is ecpecially edaptea for we en shipboara Pullzen cars, ecrtal vobiclos ent eutezodiles, y