TRUSTEES Cemetery of Mount Auburn FOR 1906.




BOSTON : THOMAS GROOM & CO, (Inc.), STATIONERS, No. 105 State STaeer.



Trustees. FRANCIS C. FOSTER e - - - Term expires in 1907 THOMAS P. BEAL - = . = s 6 ce 1907 CHARLES F. CHOATE - = = z “6 & 1908 FRANKLIN W. HOBBS~ - = = = “e 1908 DAVID W. CHEEVER z : = : AG 1909 DAVID R. WHITNEY S : - s se 1909 JEROME JONES - - - - = 1910 EDWARD W. HUTCHINS - - . es ee 1910 ALFRED HEMENWAY = = : = « & 1911 JOSEPH B. RUSSELL : 3 m « 1911 CHARLES H. WATSON - 3 = 3 « 1912 PRENTISS CUMMINGS - = E = « 1912



Treasurer. Secretary.




Offices of the Corporation. Office of the Superintendent. ROOMS 601, 602 and 603, AT THE CEMETERY, SEARS BUILDING, P. O: ADDRESS


Tecepuone, 3662 Main.


The Trustees submit to the proprietors this their seventy-fifth annual report, and annex thereto the reports of the Treasurer and Superintendent.

The routine business of the corporation since the last report has proceeded much as usual, and successfully ; and in all material ways the corporation has had a prosperous year. The sale of lots, which for the two years last past had fallen off materially, nearly doubled during the past year, and the proceeds thereof have amounted to $145575-

The Repair Fund now amounts to $1,455,821.92, having made the gratifying increase during the year 1906. of $64,740.71. ‘This fund is virtually a trust fund to be expended in care of lots under perpetual care contracts, and the surplus, if any, can only be applied to improvements and adornments of the cemetery grounds, and its paths and roadways.

The Permanent Fund has gained during the year $15,963.33, and how amounts to $506,094.98. This fund is to provide for expenses after receipts from the sale of lots have ceased.

The General Fund shows an increase during the year of $7,497.58, and now amounts to $229,892.63. “This is the active fund from which all expenses for construction and renewal of build- ings, fences, shops, stables, and improvements for the preservation and ornamentation of the cemetery of every kind must be defrayed.”

These funds are all well invested, and, with the probable increase, are believed to be adequate to meet the demands for which they were established ; but with the steady increase in the cost of labor and ma-


terials, and the steady diminution of the rate of interest, they are not likely to afford an income in excess of what will be required to main- tain the cemetery in a way to meet the wishes of the proprietors.

The expenses incident to destruction of the gipsy and brown-tail moth have amounted to $3,641.50, which is considerably in excess of the amount used last year. This is not only required by law, but absolutely necessary to maintain the beauty of the cemetery ; and, while the work done was expensive, it is a satisfaction to add that it was also effective.

During the past year more than the usual sums have been ex- pended for permanent improvements of the grounds, and in facilities for keeping them in order. ‘The most considerable item was about $3,500 for Jaying a deep’ drain necessary to take care of the water on an area of considerable extent in the westerly part of the cemetery. This area has no sufficient water-shed, and asa result, when the ground was frozen, a heavy rain caused water to stand not only over the roadways but over cemetery lots. Deeming such a state of things intolerable, the trustees have caused a large pipe drain to be laid with suitable catch-basins, carrying the water under Tower Hill to the main drain of the cemetery, and eventually into Charles River. ‘The heavy rains on frozen ground during December gave an admir- able test of its efficacy, and it was found to perform its office per- fectly. Other permanent improvements are contemplated during the coming year.

Dr. Cheever’s resignation as member of the Board of Trustees was presented at the January meeting, and accepted with regret ; and it was voted that the following tribute be entered in the records of the meeting, and included in the annual report :

«Dr, David W. Cheever was elected Trustee of the Corporation in1895, succeeding Dr, Richard M. Hodges. He therefore has served the Corporation for twelve years, and his services have been faithful and valuable. Not only have his opinions been much deferred to in all matters relating to the public health, but to all business questions he brought a ripe judgment and sense or

ni =


responsibility that won the respect of his associates. He was unremitting in attendance at meetings of the Board, was independent and outspoken without discourtesy, and was considerate of corporate interests without forgetting what is due the public; and the Board keenly regrets the loss of one who so long has proved himself a prudent adviser and faithful friend, ’’

For further details as to the finances and business of the corpora- tion, reference may be made to the reports of the Treasurer and Superintendent hereto annexed.

For the Board of Trustees,




RECEIPTS. Cash balance from preceding year

He has received from sundry parties

Rorrsalesoflotsm sce ort a eee lias $14,575.00 «¢ labor and materials on lots................ 60,873.66 deposits in receiving tomb................ 889,75

For deeds and tramsfers. . .:sacee.e cuexe esi oveitelsiese $ 194.00 s* interest on loans, €tC.. +. saeavegoe ciett oxext eats 9,314.42 «« City of Burlington bonds ................ 10,000.00

From Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Co. on account of income on Permanent Fund .. From Massachusetts Horticultural Society for one- quarter of expenditure grading new land for sale

} 4 fore)





118.80 498.28.




EXPENDITURES. He has paid sundry parties

Borslabors(paystolli\i ewan eee gee eee: $42,107.42 SCT AtCLiAlSt te Sete tee a eee ee oe T7G51385.78 ** repairs, buildings and fences .......... 1,413 ,22 receiving tomb drawbacks .. ......... 36.00 Scum oTavesarepUlChased: samuel iy sega ss aap a eee 40.00

For expenses

For salaries ....... 5 se ae ES Favouwel $12,437.50 CCM OILICC MCX PENSCS mn tesrel ofehanceien oietatia cree: 5,479.13 ** taxes on real estate... . 2... eee eee eee 1,726.80 {DSULANCE: ... aoc. osavantvmeceteeroine nese aGeere 34.12

Borg@ icysoty ay nnabond sumer) cecenetaietaee eae) $10,000.00 ec ce ¢© New Bedford bonds .......... 10,000.00 «< premiums on bonds... . 1s scew:scaerreim 307.00 ** account interest on bonds ..........-. 89,44

Massachusetts Horticultural Society for its propor-

tlonmofesalesat. ts teeicw a Gace h aeseciie cae $ 3,497.19 Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Company for account Permanent Fund .......... 4,462,67

Balance in hands of Treasurer ............




7,959.86 25,280.82



Balance in hands of Treasurer as per last report $ 86,167.89 He has received ° From notes receivable..................... $150,600.00 <@rend Ow. entsn: owe ene en 7a se 43,476.00 «« income of investments................ 53,795.86 «¢ Boston & Winthrop Shore Railroad bonds.. 5,000.00 GG paris eheel ho ge eo Aeon aes 981.80

_ 253,853.66 $340,021.55

He has paid for said account

For care and improvement of lots............ $29,724.56 **« notes receivable secured by mortgage...... 64,000.00 se N. Y. N. H. & Hartford Railroad bonds .. 10,000.00 ce @ity Moto: we bauluibonds mee ear 20,000.00 «« Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad-bonds 20,000.00 see @itycot New tonyponds anaes ayn en. te 10,000.00 com City otubtovidence ponds mer ey at ene 30,000.00 «¢ Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad bends 9,350.00 «¢ Pennsylvania Company bonds............ 40,000.00 ‘¢ Fremont, Elk. & Miss. Valley Railroad bonds 15,000.00 «© New York Central Railroad bonds........ 9,900.00 «* Boston & Maine Railroad bonds.......... 25,000.00 «« City of New York bonds................ 10,000.00 «« Northern Pacific, Great Nor. joint bonds.... 9,846.70 CCS Dremiurnu ON mbOnds aa sneer ae cane enn a) 13,162.50 ccfaccricduintelest on bonds ae a annem 776.59 «« perpetual care of grass on graves repurchased. . 30.00


Balance in hands of Treasurer .....,.....-.., 23,231.20




Endowment for perpetual care of lots, as per last

( oowsuneme eoosn easton oueoe $1,391,081.21 Additions during the year..............5. 64,740.71 $1,455,821.92 Invested as follows ad Notes receivable secured by mortgage......-. $710,120.00 Railroads bond smaciees re eine ee Opnerede meee 455,920.20 Municipal bonds ......-.1 +++. serge qnese 220,000.00 Other bonds «.-<..5 6.602.004 5% 4 5 + seca pane osepe 20,000.00 Unretired premiums on bonds .........+.. 26,550.52 Cash in hands of Treasurer .........-5555 93,231.20

- $1,455,821.92 GENERAL FUND. i a CASH ASSETS.

Cash in hands of Treasurer .............-. $25,280.82 Notes receivable, secured by mortgage...... 40,846.32 Nitinicipallm bond Steen eee gene a8 eee eer 55,000.00 Railroadibond sae aiee este e core hee ee ear es 39,425.00 Others bond see eee ves ooo ae ee 59,925.00 Premiums on bonds, unretired ............ 1,767.81 Bills for labor and material uncol- lected ee roc. eo ec $9,342.63 Less due sundry persons for !abor and IMAtetials ce ww: cee eee car 1,694.95 7,647 ,68 $229,892.63 PERMANENT FUND. Deposited with Massachusetts Hospital Life Insur- ance owls) per last fepottws) ese $490,131.65 Deposited in December, 1905 ............ 4,462.67 lviterest Meee aOR ee $19,500.66 Less transferred to General Fund. . 8,000.00 11,500,66



THE OTHER PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. Consists of nearly 136 acres of cemetery grounds, with avenues and paths, water-works for the supply of fountains and watering purposes, and under- ground pipes and drains, new chapel, office buildings and statuary, old chapel remodeled for crematory, observatory, receiving tomb, gateway and other structures, reception house and 5,620 feet of land on Mt. Auburn Street, Superintendent’s house, greenhouses, and 59,936 feet between Brattle and Mount Auburn Streets, the Coolidge Lot on Grove Street, containing about six acres, the Bird Lot on Swain and Cottage Streets, containing about 44,000 square feet, and the Stone meadow on the east side of Coolidge Avenue, con- taining about five acres, on which are located the stables and other buildings.

Respectfully submitted, JOHN L, DILL, Boston, December 31, 1906. Treasurer.

This certifies that the books and accounts of the Treasurer of the Proprie- tors of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn for the year nineteen hundred and six have been examined by Mr, Gerald Wyman, professional accountant, who has reported that he found them correctly kept and properly balanced, with satisfactory vouchers for all payments; property in value and kind to agree with the accounts of the Treasurer was exhibited to and examined by him, and he also certifies that in the general account there is a cash balance or $25,280.82 and in the fund for repairs of $23,231.20.

CHARLES H. WATSON, THOMAS P, BEAL, January 2, 1907. Committee on Finance.



To the Trustees of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn : GenrLemen—I have the honor to present herewith the Annual Report ot the Superintendent for the year ending December 31, 1906.

IMPROVEMENTS. Number of new lots graded and bounded with granite posts........ 42 «* old lots improved by being graded and sodded .......... 49 «< old lots bounded with granite posts........ perifter : 11 «« Jots furnished with granite numbers........ yn RN ry BP 61 «© headstones erected .............. GON BR. Be ss SM 298 <c DTMONUIMIENLSHeNeCle Uae vetayer eat anelivi cecal cohen costes oe ; 55 «s catch basins: built)... .. 44. eel. . it mAnevencheectou cays ; 6 << lineal feet of concrete paths builts nee m.csvicesxema ses o0% : 144 GG royals Facil ok Aer SoG oo unm yer een CVO . 9 “+ iron fences removed . .s...o@..0- Siee...>.- 10 «« granite curbings removed ...... platen toto eee ee 9 INTERMENT RECORD:

‘Total number of interments, as per last report.................. 35,737 Number of original interments for the year ending Dec. 31, 1906, .. 433 “co << removals tromother cemeteries: . jaws sees Gl. nite oe 21 iotallmumber ofpinterm ents tomthes year eee rieisee > verey ee ae ete 454 ‘e « jin) CAEN ee oy ha ee pacts aes 36,191 ‘Of the above there were deposited in the receiving tomb .......... 22, «6 ee interments in’ publicilots we. 4s. ee. ee: iD,

‘THE REMOVALS WITHIN AND FROM THE CEMETERY WERE AS FOLLOWS : Pom publica Ot Se rmreten eae tar racvs tere ew hon Wpete eae astern 0 son private lotsy en unr eertete. wie. cw AN ees sit 20 HRotalsremovals withinithe cemetery 31.5) 0) ows ee ae 20 a6 tn OS CHITA? caugaccecs anes wbyaosae ac 18 sliotalenumbet.ofsremovalswew enn ee terme een reenter grant ; 38


‘Total number of incinerations, as per last report ............-... 819 Number of incinerations for the year ending Dec, 31, 1906,........ 162 Total ca ours caumrorss stan anyitterintcariitess ans ated opertice eters Vobare alge aaiinls AE 981

Respectfully submitted, JAMES C, SCORGIE,

Supt. of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn, Supr’s Orrice, December 31, 1906,


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It is provided by Article VIII of the By-Laws as follows:—

Donation 1n Trust.—‘ The Trustees may receive in trust from a proprietor any sum of money, the income of which shall be appropriated to the repair of his lot, according to the terms of trust expressed in the form provided,”

PerperuaL ReparrR, wirH Guaranty. —‘“ The Trustees may also guarantee the perpetual repair of lots, upon the payment of such a sum as the Committee on Lots shall deem sufficient for that purpose, a form for which is also provided.”

«¢ All such sums shall collectively constitute a separate fund, called the ‘Repair Fund,’ and shall be invested in the public debt of the United States, or in that of the State of Massachusetts, or in the debt of any of the counties, cities, or towns of this State, or in mortgages of real estate in any city or town in Massachusetts, or in the bonds or notes of such other corporations, which have earned and paid regular dividends for the two years next preceding such investment, as shall be deemed a proper and suitable investment by the Committee on Finance; or in such investments as are authorized by the State of Massachusetts for savings banks, provided :

That no investment in excess of $40,000 (par value) shall be made in any one security, and

«“ That the Committee on Finance shall report monthly to the President, to be laid before the Trustees at the next meeting, a list of all investments which shall have been made from this fund since the previous meeting.”

« Each lot in relation to which such a contract shall have been made shall be credited, in a book kept for the purpose, with the prin- cipal sum paid on account of said lot ; and at the close of each year a


ratable proportion of the net income of the whole Repair Fund shal! be carried to its credit, in conformity with the terms of said contracts.”

RECONVEYANCE IN Trust. —‘ A proprietor who shall have con- tracted with the corporation for the care and preservation of his lot forever, desiring to place the same in perpetual trust, for the purpose of restricting the right of burial, or for any other legitimate object, may, with the consent of the Committee on Lots, reconvey such lot to the corporation, to hold the same forever, for the uses and trusts expressed in his deed of reconveyance; reserving to himself, and to such as may be beneficiaries thereunder, the right of admission, and such supervision as may not be inconsistent with the rights which have vested in the corporation.”

Annexed to the GUARANTEE CONTRACT is a report by the Super- intendent, with drawings describing in detail the condition of the lot and structures thereon. The amount deposited is an insurance FOR- EVER, that the lot and its belongings shall always be maintained in the condition shown in the report which is made the basis of the contract.

To cover all the contingencies of the near and remote future, a sum is fixed, the income of which will be sufficient to provide for the care of the grass, including re-sodding, and the repair and renewal of such tomb, curb, monument, or headstone as may be shown in the Superintendent’s report.

If any monuments or headstones are added subsequently to the contract, they can be covered in the same manner.

After a contract for perpetual repair, with guaranty, has been made, the lot may be reconveyed to the corporation im trust, naming in the deed the persons thereafter to be interred. The title to the lot being thus vested in the corporation, a perfect security is given that the wishes of the proprietor will be carried out.

Under the contract for DONATION IN TRUST, the income of any sum deposited is applied to the care and preservation of the lot.

The necessary forms for provision by will for the above are given on page 19 of this report.




Before receiving a body for cremation, the Superintendent of the cemetery shall take an order, signed by the nearest relative of the de- ceased, or by whoever has the legal possession of the body.

If the death took place within the State of Massachusetts, Section 37, Chapter 78, Revised Laws, must be complied with, to wit:

The body of a deceased person shall not be cremated within forty-eight hours after his decease, ‘unless death was caused by a contagious or infectious disease, and it shall not be received or cremated by any corporation organized under the provisions of Section 7 or the corresponding provisions of earlier laws, until its officers have received the certificate or burial permit required by law before burial, and a certificate from the medical examiner of the district within which the death occurred, that he has viewed the body and made personal inquiry into the cause and manner of. death, and is of opinion that no further

examination or judicial inquiry concerning the same is necessary.

Such other regulations as may hereafter be made by the Legislature of the State of Massachusetts, the State Board of Health, or the local Board of Health are to be complied with.

Bodies received from States in which district medical examiners are established by law are to be accompanied by a certificate from that officer, similar to that required in the State of Massachusetts. Bodies from other States to be accompanied by the usual permit and by a certificate signed by two physicians, graduates of a legally established medical school, setting forth the cause of death, with their opinion that the body may be cremated without further examination or judicial inquiry.

Incineration to begin at least two hours before sunset.

The average time needed for an incineration is one hour. The body is placed in the retort, enclosed in the casket as received at the


cemetery, the name-plate, etc., being first removed. Two hours after the incineration the ashes can be delivered to the family in a copper cylinder, terra-cotta urn or wooden casket, as they may select. If marble, bronze, or Wedgewood urns ( with the name, age, etc., inscribed) are desired they can be provided at some additional cost.

The charge for the cremation of the body of an adult will be 30 and that of a child under ten years of age $20. If the ashes are in- terred in a lot in the Cemetery of Mt. Auburn, no charge will be made for the interment, unless a brick, or other special, grave is ordered.

Incinerations will not be made on Sunday, unless the cause of death is certified as contagious or infectious.

All the necessary blanks and any further information desired may be had on application to

J. C. SCORGIE, Superintendent Mount Auburn Cemetery, CamprincE, Mass.


Form ror Crause in Witt ro BeguearH Money ror ‘* Perperuat Repair, witH Guaranty,’’ oF Lot.

I hereby direct my executors to pay to the Proprietors of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn such sum of money as may be found necessary to obtain from said corporation a contract for the perpetual Repair, with Guaranty, of my Lot, No. on the way called in said Cemetery.

Form ror Crause in WILL pirectinc <*Reconveyance oF Lor To Corpora- TION IN TRusT.”’ ( Reconveyance is only accepted after a Contract for Perpetual Repair, with Guaranty, has been made. ) I hereby authorize and empower my executors to reconvey my Lot, No. » in trust, to the Proprietors of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn, in consideration of the Contract for Perpetual Repair, with Guaranty, for the purpose of securing it as a burial place for myself and the following persons :

and no other interments to be allowed.





: : |




100 square feet $1.50 $1.00 Larger lots at special rates. 200 «« 2.00 1.50 Lots containing fractional 300 « se 3.00 2.00 parts of 100 feet will be 400 « “6 4.00 2.50 charged the rate-of the 500 « uc 5.00 3.00 next larger size when that 600 « ss 6.00 3.50 fraction exceeds 50 feet, TOO += « | 7.00 4.00 800 « | 8.00 4.50

Proprietors are requested to mail their orders to the Superintendent, Cambridge.

For funeral services, a shelter tent to cover the lot will be provided at a moderate charge, when requested.

Estimates for grading and sodding, and repairs on lots, including cleaning Monuments and Headstones, will be furnished to proprietors on application, personally, or by letter, at the Superintendent’s office, Cambridge.

Iron fences and granite copings removed without expense to proprietors, who will be credited with any excess over cost of removal.

Single-chamber tombs, with entrance above ground, will be removed, the lot regraded and the necessary re-interments made, without charge, except for boxes, brick graves, re-sodding, or corner posts, when required.

Orders for foundations for Monuments and Headstones should specify, either by diagram or accurate description, the exact location in the lot which is desired, and should be given at least two weeks before wanted.




The following statement is presented in answer to the question frequently asked in regard to the title to a lot when the proprietor dies.

Title to lot

By the original act of incorporation, lots are held as eee wie real estate. The proprietor can convey his lot, or devise estate. it by will; but if he dies intestate it descends to his heirs-at- 1f proprietor Jaw, who are (Rev. Laws, Chap. 133, Sect. 1): es 1, Children, and issue of any deceased child. Heirs-at-law. 2. If no issue, then his or her father and mother. 3. If no issue nor mother, then his or her father. 4. wif no issue nor father, then his or her mother.

5. If no issue and no father or mother, then his or her brothers and sisters, and issue of any deceased brother or sister.

6. If no issue and no father, mother, brother or sister, and no issue of any deceased brother or sister, then next of kin.

A widow has, in common with the children of her de- Rights of ceased husband, the possession, care and control of his lot Tae dS during her life; and, if he leaves no children, she has the sole possession, care and control of it during life. She has also a right of interment therein, of which she cannot be deprived except by her own release. (Rev. Laws, Chap.

78, Sects. 26, 28.) The same rights in a tomb or lot of his wife have now been given to a husband. (Rev. Laws,

Chap. 78, Sect. 29.)


Provisions of will.

Representa- tive to be designated.

Representa- tive no con- trol over title.

Petitions for representa - tion. Impor- tance of prompt re- turn.

Lots indivisi- ble.

No record of part owner- ship.


If a proprietor in his will makes no devise of the lot, it becomes a part of the residuary estate; or, if not devised and no bequest of the residue is made, it descends to the heirs-at-law.

Rev. Laws, Chap. 78, Sect. 26, and Sect. 8 of the Charter of the corporation provide that if there be more than one devisee or heir-at-law, the Board of Trustees may designate which one shall represent the lot.

This designation does not affect the title. “Che heirs-at- law or devisees are tenants in common, and-no sale can be made unless all sign conveyance.

It is important that the petition for representation (furnished by the Secretary) should be PROMPTLY returned with the names and residences of the heirs, and signed by a majority; otherwise delays may occur at the cemetery in ascertaining whether the order for interment is properly signed.

Lots are indivisihle (Rev. Laws, Chap. 78, Sect. 26), and ‘no record of any person’s interest in a lot, less than » the entire ownership, shall be made on the books of the corporation.” (Rules and Regulations, Art. vy